Step into the uncomfy.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of things that scare me. These things range in level but nonetheless, they scare me. By nature I always take precaution in every single thing that I do. My mind immediately goes to the “what ifs” and the “maybe this could happens”. I am constantly thinking about what could go wrong and what could happen in every situation and decision(I’m an enneagram 6 if you can’t tell). I know it can be to my detriment but it’s how I have always been.

So recently I have decided to start doing things that scare me. Things that are getting me out of my comfort zone and into the uncomfy, as I like to call it. I’ve been doing some little things but also some pretty big things, at least they are to me. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would be running a blog and letting everyone know my thoughts and feelings about things I would have thought you were crazy. I always wanted to start this blog, but it was a scary feeling to put myself out into a space and share my thoughts, feelings and ideas. That sounded like one big space to be judged, and it kind of is. But once I started doing it, it wasn’t so scary anymore. I found that I have a lot more support than I ever thought I would. I also found that even if people are judging me, it’s okay because I am comfortable with what I am putting out there because it is genuine. The confidence that has stemmed from my comfortability with what I am producing means so much more than a scary feeling that internet strangers might judge me. My self growth and self worth means more than other people’s opinions.

Let me say it again for you- My self growth and self worth means more than other people’s opinions.

If YOU are happy with YOU, then that is what truly matters. If you aren’t happy with you, maybe you need to go into the uncomfy and do something that scares you. Gain some control back in your life and stop letting your comfort zone dictate what you do everyday. It could be anything. Start small, say hi to a stranger if that scares you. Or go big and force yourself to call up that person you’ve liked forever and ask them on a date. It honestly doesn’t matter where you start, but start.

You don’t want to think about those things in the uncomfy and wonder what would have happened if you would have just gone for it. Just do it and see what happens! Because even if that first thing you choose in the uncomfy doesn’t work out, my guess is that there’s something out there that will. Keep going for it, keep doing the scary things. You might find something that brings you more joy than anything in the world. Or maybe you will find something that leads to a new passion or career. But most importantly, you might find a way to love your self and become more comfortable with yourself. There is no greater win than that.

I hope you find a way to step into the uncomfy this week, it could be the best step you ever take.

All the love,


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